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Using the latest in simulation technologies, we offer a vast array of training in various industries and topics of instruction that puts the trainees directly inside the action!  We offer hundreds of scenarios that incorporate one or more of the following:

  • De-escalation

  • "Shoot-Don't Shoot" scenarios

  • Low light/No light option (using our specialized flashlights to illuminate the screen)

  • Various target practice courses

  • Customizable training sessions to fit your specific agency needs

Our training is safe and repeatable.  Since each scenario outcome is based off of trainee actions or inactions, our training allows your officers/agents/employees to critique their performance strengths and weaknesses.  Each trainee is both audio and video recorded during their scenario encounter for an accurate After Action Debrief.  This allows your officers/agents/employees to immediately put their skills to the test, and "fine tune" skills that need improvement. 

Take a look at our training options below.  Don't see an option that you're looking for?  Contact us for information about training to fit your needs.

Our Services

Police training

Law Enforcement & First Responder

From routine vehicle stops and active shooter training, to communication and de-escalation training, immerse your officers into the same types of situations they will see on duty.

Corrections Detention Training

Corrections and Detention

We prepare your officers to work effectively in the yard, on the block, on transports, and in courtrooms.  We offer training in all aspects of the Corrections and Detention officer profession.

School safety training

School Safety

With branching options that make situations as realistic as possible, we provide SROs training so they can make sound decisions when the time comes.

Probation parole training

Probation and Parole

These scenarios create situations specifically created for Probation/Parole officers.

Hospital staff training

Hospital and Health Services

Most of the scenarios allow for de-escalation, compelling staff to use their verbal skills for de-escalation and putting emphasis on talking with individuals.  We bring a variety of different situations for staff to handle.

Courtroom staff training

Court Services

Trainees will be placed in situations from court entry/magnetometer to inside the courtroom.

Crisis intervention training

Crisis Intervention Training

Trainees will be placed into situations where they can practice CIT skillsets for a desirable outcome.

private security training

Private Security

Whether armed or unarmed, we place the security professional into situations they would see daily.  From simple trespassing to active assaults, security personnel will have the opportunity to learn the best way to handle these situations.

de-escalation training

General De-escalation Training

Knowing that most LE, security, and corrections personnel don't want to use force unless absolutely necessary, we give the trainer options to allow responders to de-escalate situations.

Shooting Targets

Firearms Proficiency and Training

Looking for firearms proficiency and marksmanship training?  We offer a simulated firing range to practice your skills.  Courses of fire are completely customized to the needs of your agency.  4 and 8 hour sessions are available upon request!

Amat Victoria Curam

Amat Victoria Curam...some scholars say this Latin phrase means "Success favors those who takes pains."  Others say it means "Victory Favors Preparation."

At Force Focus, we believe they mean the same thing.  Through proper training and education, victory prevails.  Let us offer you the opportunity to prevail.

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