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Our Mission

Force Focus is a training company, with its primary emphasis on training law enforcement.  We utilize simulation technology to provide training in Use of Force, de-escalation tactics, split-second judgement and decision making, and firearms accuracy and efficiency.  We offer training for law enforcement and first responders, school resource officers and school safety officers, corrections and detention officers, hospital and health service workers, court services officers, probation and parole agents, and private security officers.  Our training provides useful skills practice in de-escalation and crisis intervention situations. 

Why we do what we do

After decades of training employees of security and law enforcement agencies, Sergeant Chuck Swisher realized that there was a consistent training gap that needed to be filled.  He understood that this gap, particularly in the area of Use of Force training, placed an officer or agent at a distinct disadvantage when working in the field.  Officers and agents, until recently, have only been trained in this area by listening to a training presentation or listening to training officers TELL them how they should handle a particular situation.  Verbal training only goes so far to adequately train officers and agents.  It does not engage the trainee in ANY of the physiological bodily responses that occur during a use of force encounter.  Examples include an increase in adrenaline, fear, anxiety, anger, frustration, and confusion.  


An officer or agent will engage with those elements of society that are less than desirable on a regular basis.  From drug dealers, to drunk persons, angry motorists, wanted persons, trespassers, thieves, emotionally disturbed persons or victims of assaults, the officer engaging the community will meet each of them under differing circumstances.  For most of these officers, the first true test of their ability to effectively handle situations which involve physiological responses is only received when that officer is handling a situation in which those responses are present.  In nearly all these cases, the officer, agent, or employee is at a disadvantage because although they have received verbal training pertaining to a relatively similar situation, they have not felt the emotions or bodily responses of physically handling these situations.  This is dangerous.

To effectively learn to manage these natural responses, a person must be subjected to them regularly.  However, in the interest of officer safety and citizen protection, it is not a viable option to escalate a situation to “train” to handle these responses.  This “void”, or training gap, can be filled with rigorous simulator-based training. 

In a time when technology rules the world, advancements in that technology now allows for that rigorous training.  This simulator-based training can only be an asset to any agency in the efficient training of its staff.  Simulator-based training will improve employee effectiveness by allowing them to train under the same pressure, emotions, decision making needs, and situations that they may encounter in real life...without the risk of injury to the employee or the “suspect.” 


How many times have you done something that you wish you could do over?  With simulator-based training, that is now a reality.  These type of training tools have become almost a necessity in today’s ever changing policing environment.

Sergeant Chuck Swisher has been a law enforcement officer since 2009, after being employed for nearly 20 years in the private security field including training employees across the east coast.  He has logged more than 14,000 hours actively training officers in private security and law enforcement since 2005.

He has received training and certification as a firearms instructor for pistol, rifle and shotgun through the Pennsylvania State Police.  He has been certified as a "Master Instructor" for the Training Lab Use-Of-Force Simulation System through Ti Training Corp in Golden, Colorado. He has thorough training and experience in Use of Force and Force on Force incidents.

Sgt. Swisher is recognized in the National Law Enforcement Hall of Fame after receiving their Life Saving Award, and is recognized as a Law Enforcement Hero by the American Red Cross.

Experienced Leadership

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