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A.S.S.E.T. Course


Engage your officers with state-of-the-art simulated training.  Participants will experience real life scenarios playing out right in front of them as they respond and react to active shooter situations.

Course Details


This course is designed for certified law enforcement officers ONLY.  Civilians will not be permitted into the class

Course Itinerary

Use of Force case law

O.O.D.A. loop triggers

Scenario engagements

After Action Debriefs

Classroom discussions

CLEE Approved Course

This course has been approved by MPOETC for CLEE Credit Hours.

4.5 CLEE Hours

CLEE ID:  CLE01854

Instruction in OODA Loop
Officer in action

Course Description

Engage your officers in responding to Active Shooter scenarios.  These incidents have increased over the years, and your officers should be prepared to handle these situations.  

This 4.5 hours course will engage your officers in responding to and handling these situations.  Up to 4 officers can take part in a single scenario giving your team the opportunity to TRAIN as a team..

This course begins with instruction on Use of Force case laws, recent court decisions on officer conduct, O.O.D.A. loop triggers and resets (emphasizing decreasing the time span from Observation to Action), and the Critical Thinking Model. 

Trainees will then engage in simulator engagements training with the main focus on responding to Active Shooter threats.  After action debriefs take place at the end of each scenario which will give your officers the opportunity to evaluate their performance.

At the conclusion of the ASSET course, trainees will continue their training while responding to various scenarios related to law enforcement for the next 2.5 hours.  These scenarios can range from verbal de-escalation to to Force on Force encounters.

This training is 8 hours in length (including a 1 hour lunch break).

Give your officers the opportunity to better prepare for responding to and handling these critical incidents.

Hosting Fee:  FREE

TUITION:  $200 per Trainee (Must be certified LEO AND attend a Hosted Session to received this pricing.)  Tuition is billable to the participant or to the Host Agency at the Host's request.

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