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Force Focus is proud to use Ti Training's RECON Core simulator training platforms and equipment.  Owner Chuck Swisher has been trained as a "Master Instructor" for these simulation systems at Ti Training's campus in Golden Colorado.  Our simulator system is a completely portable system.  We can set up our system in almost any environment and provide quality training.  The only requirements are room size and lighting conditions.  For additional information about our training system, check out Ti Training's system video here


(NOTE:  Not all options shown are currently available.  Replica training pistols and iR flashlights are currently being utilitzed.  We're excited to have you help us to grow our business so we can bring even more advanced training options in the future!)

Room Size:  The simulator system requires a room size of at least 30' x 20' (minimum).  Larger rooms are preferred, but not required.  This requirement does not include classroom instruction areas, including tables and chairs.

Lighting Conditions;  Natural lighting impacts the accuracy of our equipment.  We use iR lighting and wavelengths for various system components.  Although our system can be set up anywhere, calibrations of our equipment requires that natural lighting be blocked from the room.  Rooms with windows should have the ability to cover the windows to block out natural lighting.  

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